Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy

At CHHC, we create a rehabilitation program around the specific needs of each client and provide evaluations, treatment and education for individuals who are experiencing decreased mobility due to an illness, injury, stroke or orthopedic surgery.  CHHC's team of physical therapists work with the patient and MD to develop a specialized plan of care to improve such areas as strength, endurance and ambulation.  Our therapists are trained to observe and recognize safety hazards, the lack of proper nutrition and other factors that could be detrimental to the rehabilitation process.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a rehabilitative service for people with mental, physical, developmental or emotional impairments that restores or maintains their ability to perform tasks used in daily living, often through developing ways to modify or adapt activities.  Clients may need Occupational Therapy after a hospital stay, injury or illness.  CHHC's OT staff creates personalized plans of care to help clients develop, build or regain the fine motor skills needed to be able to independently perform activities of daily living such as eating, dressing and bathing in order to safely continue living in their own homes

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy involves corrective treatment of physical and/or cognitive disorders that cause difficulty with communication and/or swallowing.  Clients may experience these difficulties after experiencing a stroke, injury or illness.  CHHC offers the services of licensed speech pathologists to conduct an initial assessment of the clients condition, develop a plan of therapy to meet their individual needs in coordination with the client's physician and provide care/with the goal of helping clients improve their level of functioning.