Complete Home Health Care

Who We Are

Our job is to provide health related care for individuals in the comfort of their home. It is our mission and has been our focus since 2001 when our organization was formed. We continue to provide the highest quality care from four locations along the front range of Colorado with dedicated and committed staff members.

Complete Home Health Care is a Medicare and Medicaid-certified home care agency, founded in 2001 by a group of seven Home Health professionals who brought decades of industry experience and expertise to the formation of the company. Our corporate headquarters is located in Broomfield, with branch offices in Broomfield, Longmont, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo. From these locations, we provide services to many cities and counties in the "Front Range" areas of Colorado east of the Rocky Mountains. Complete Home Health Care is a for-profit corporation controlled by its Board of Directors.

We Are A Leader

The vision of Complete Home Health Care is to be a leader in the home health industry by delivering the highest quality of services. Complete is committed to providing quality care at reasonable costs, with well-trained, well-supervised, consistent and dependable field staff. Complete operates under the belief that each individual, regardless of age, sex, marital status, handicap, race, religious preference, sexual orientation and/or national origin has inherent human value and is entitled to the opportunity to maximize his/her potential as a human being and a member of society. We are constantly striving to listen to our clients and adapt to their needs.  We encourage clients and their families to actively participate in their home care experience.

Our Strength and Core Values

It is on the strength of our core values of quality care services, integrity, professionalism, customer service and leadership with vision, and the promotion of the agency by its employees that Complete has been able to continue to provide home health care services to the front-range communities of Colorado. Complete is committed to excellence in customer care, provider relations and employee development.

Our Profile

Our community includes our employees, physicians, insurance providers and community resources, all part of a team to provide solutions for independent living for our clients.  Because of our reputation as a quality provider of home health care services, we have developed strong relations with local and national healthcare professionals, associations, support groups and various social service organizations. We continue to focus on meeting the unique needs of our clients. Understanding the needs of our community is critical to meeting this goal and is a major focus for our employees now and in the future.

Our Corporate Officers

Chief Executive Officer Cathy Kaufman
Chief Financial Officer Holly Davis
Chief Operational Officer Barbara Ciccone
Secretary Rod Dufour
Administrator, northern branches Cathy Kaufman
Administrator, southern branches Barbara Ciccone

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services to our clients in their homes that will improve the quality of their lives.

Our Purpose

Complete is a provider of home care services for Medicare, Medicaid, HCBS, VA, MCOs, insurance and private pay. All services are provided by agency employees or contract employees. Complete continues to comply with the 1999 HCFA (now CMS) mandated OASIS data collection to measure patient outcomes. This data collection is accomplished through assessments conducted by nurses or physical therapists at Start of Care, Recertification and Discharge. Data collected through OASIS assessments are transmitted to the state on a regular basis, and the data is read and evaluated by CMS.

Our Policies and Procedures

All Complete Home Health Care policies and procedures are reviewed by the Board of Directors and the Professional Advisory Committee at least annually. All policies comply with federal, state and licensure laws. CHHC is Medicare/Medicaid certified and meets all Medicare Conditions of Participation. Compliance of these standards stimulates health care organizations to meet or exceed these expectations in order to provide quality care on a consistent basis to the community.

Annual Agency Evaluation

Complete Home Health Care develops and follows an internal and comprehensive Quality Management Plan which evaluates and determines appropriateness and quality of Agency services: